Our new music video for Viento Callejero

A young woman is thrust on a psychedelic adventure through the many strange worlds that make up the Land of the Dead.

This music video is the first effort from FOUR ROADS, a collaborative artist-run production company led by Akira Boch, Francisco Hernandez, Kinan Valdez, and Anahuac Valdez.

Kinan Valdez - director, writer

Anahuac Valdez - editor, special fx supervisor

Francisco Hernandez - producer

Akira Boch - director, writer, cinematographer


Hero: Maya Malan Gonzalez

Vet: Lakin Valdez

Queen of the Dead: Jona Nicklin

Ferryman: Jeff Mirrione

Trickster 1: Adrian Torres

Trickster 2: Valentina Espinosa

Jaguar Man: Himself

Ogre 1: Seth Millwood

Ogre 2: Alejandro Nuño

Minion 1: Manuel Rocha

Minion 2: Alexander Quilala

The Reaper: Jeff Mirrione


Digital Artists: Anahuac Valdez & Akira Boch

Painted Backgrounds: Lakin Valdez

Costumes: Lupe Valdez

Makeup: Valentina Espinosa

Art Director: Azusa Oda & Kinan Valdez

Filmed at El Teatro Campesino in San Juan Bautista, Califaztlán